A daily log of my internship at The Upper Room.

  • Practice Log

    Jan 17, 2023 – times worked

    April Flowers

    Supervisor: Kimberly Orr

    This is a picture of the front of the building where the Upper Room is located. The office is at 1908 Grand Ave, which is right off Music Row in Nashville.

    This is where I will log my daily activities after my shift each day. I anticipate my days being full with the internship, the two online classes I’m teaching, and the time I will spend exploring the city. I’m really looking forward to starting this internship, as it will be my first exposure to working in an archive situation. From what I understand, my duties will be to catalog the collection of antiquarian Wesleyan religious texts (We will be using Library Thing), assess the “health” of the books for what might need conservation efforts or what might be beyond saving, and then find new homes for many of them with other Wesleyan institutions around the world.

    I am exceedingly lucky to have found this internship at exactly the right moment. The Upper Room has arranged lodging for me on the campus of Vanderbilt University, is making connections for me to spend time with the librarians in Vanderbilt’s special collections, and has been welcoming to any suggestions I’ve made regarding what is needed for this assignment to count for my practicum. I’ve had to do a little shopping to get ready for this trip. I’ve worked online for many years, so my “business casual” attire was sadly lacking. I still need to find shoes that will balance the needs of the weather with the needs of the office dress code. I also have to find a way to balance the fact that my boyfriend and my cats haven’t had any time without me since the pandemic hit, so this will be new. I know my actual logs will need to be more professional than this, but since my internship hasn’t started yet, this is all I have to talk about.